Great that you want to become a member of Solidarität konkret e.V.!

Enrich our association as a member or supporting member.

The members form the important basis of the association. All members are welcome to participate and get involved on a voluntary basis. You are cordially invited to attend association meetings, participate in voting and elect the honorary board of directors.

In addition, as a member you will regularly receive information about our work and projects and gain an insight into how we work.

There are several good reasons: As a sustaining member you ensure the continuity of our work and help us to cover the running costs of the association. Despite the voluntary commitment of the members of the association and the board, we need money, for example for our website, our secure and encrypted donation portal or fees for the money transfer to Togo.

As a sustaining member, you will regularly receive information about our work and projects and get an insight into how we work.

Frequently asked question about the membership application

If you decide to become an online (sustaining) member, please enter your personal data in the form in the first step. Your contributions will then be transmitted by direct debit or standing order.

Direct debit
To issue a SEPA direct debit mandate, we need your IBAN and BIC. The name of your credit institution is automatically recognized by the entries. Please enter the donation amount with which you would like to support our work and select the desired frequency. After checking your details, please confirm them.

If you would like to keep up to date with the work of Solidarität konkret e.V. and be informed about the use of your donation, please also use our newsletter service, which you can subscribe to for free in the donation form.

To become a sustaining member of Solidarität konkret e.V., we ask you to enter your personal data in the donation form. Your data is protected when donating online and is transmitted securely with a globally recognized SSL key. All data entered by you will be encrypted in SSL mode (128Bit) and only sent in encrypted form.

The encryption is usually indicated in the protocol as https:// and is also recognizable in your browser window in the lower menu bar by the displayed lock or key symbol.

You can find more information about the security of your data in our privacy policy.

Regular membership

Membership opens up opportunities to get involved (on a voluntary basis) in the association and in projects.

Members receive first-hand information and are entitled to vote at the general meeting.

The freely selectable membership fee helps to cover running costs of the association.

Sustaining membership

With a sustaining membership, the focus is on the idealistic and financial support of the association’s work, because despite the voluntary work of the board, running costs are incurred (e.g. for the website, our secure and encrypted donation portal or fees for the money transfer to Togo).

A sustaining membership is especially suitable for people who want to support our work on a regular basis, but do not want to actively participate in the association (e.g. voting rights at the general meeting).


Both sustaining members and regular members receive information about the work and projects of Solidariät konkret e.V. and get an insight into the workings of the association.

More information can be found here.

Both the membership fee and the sustaining membership fee are freely selectable. They can be adjusted at any time.

The association finances all costs incurred independently of the income from donations, i.e. in particular through membership fees. This enables us to pass on 100% of all donations.

As soon as the sum of the membership fees exceeds the funds needed for the operation of the association, the “surplus” membership fees are used as donations for projects in Togo.

Your membership fees and donations are tax deductible. Once a year (end of January) you will receive a receipt for membership fees and donations made in the previous year, which you can submit to the tax office. If you would like to receive a receipt for your membership fees before then, please feel free to contact us.

Do you have questions or need help with the application?

Call us or send us an e-mail. We will respond as soon as possible.


Phone: 0049 176 69694457

Note: You can submit the membership application online here. Alternatively, we will be happy to send you a printed application form by mail (postal). Please feel free to contact us for this.