Construction of 2 classrooms for the elementary school in Adétikopé

The elementary school in Adetikopé lacked classrooms – together with the parents’ committee and the school management, we built two classrooms in the beginning of 2019.

The problem

The Ayayi elementary school in Adétikopé lacked school desks and classrooms. Some classes had up to 150 children in one small room. In some cases, five children shared one school desk.

The approach

The principal Mrs. Passana and her colleague Mr. Tchezoume had worked together with the parents’ committee to build new classrooms. Their constant efforts were rewarded with a small success – a cement company donated 10 tons of cement. Unfortunately, they did not have the means to build the classrooms.

Our contribution

Together with the parents’ committee and the school management, we agreed to raise the funds for the construction of at least two classrooms via crowdfunding. A project committee of parents and teachers was formed, which sought to recruit parents and former students with a talent for handicrafts to make energetic contributions. With combined efforts, two classrooms including school desks were built in just under 5 weeks. In addition, the foundation for two new classrooms, which will be build soon, were also laid.

Partner organisation: Initiative EPP Ayayi


Location: Adetikopé, in the south of Togo

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