Construction of a guest room on the farm Gavisa

The problem

The farm GAVISA Togo was founded in 2012 by Komla Zivi and other colleagues with the aim to promote organic and sustainable agriculture in Togo. The location of the farm is beautiful – on a high plateau near Kpalimé, close to a mountain river.

Unfortunately, the farm lacked accommodation for visitors and guests. According to the GAVISA Togo team, this was particularly unfortunate, as the farm is located in a region that is attractive to tourists, and the project could use more public visibility and income from overnight guests.

The approach

During his three-month internship at the farm in summer 2017, board member Aimo Hindriks learned about the problem. After a joint brainstorming session with the GAVISA team, the idea was born to build a guest house that would incorporate the already existing water tower for garden irrigation.

It was also decided that the guest house should be built mainly from local raw materials (bamboo, wood, clay) and together with craftsmen* from the local community.

The construction of the room was financed by crowdfunding and within three months the upper floor of the guest house was completed.

It was then agreed that the GAVISA team would finance the expansion of the lower room through its own income from overnight stays. This worked very well, as the first overnight guests soon arrived.

In the meantime, the guest house has been completed. From the uppermost terrace at a height of almost 7 meters one has a beautiful view over the garden of the farm and the two guest rooms are pleasantly cool for sleeping thanks to the natural building materials.

The GAVISA farm was founded in 2012 by Komla Zivi and other supporters from Togo. Thanks to taking good care of the soil, biodynamic cultivation techniques adapted to local conditions and the tireless efforts of the members of GAVISA Togo, the farm is growing and thriving. Since 2019, the farm is officially recognized as a training farm for organic and sustainable agriculture in Togo.

Partner organisation: GAVISA


Location: Yéviépé near Kpalimé, western Togo

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