Digitalization of professional literature for teachers

Current technical literature is often difficult to access for teachers in Togo. Solidarität konkret e.V. specifically promotes the digitalization of current professional literature suitable for Togo, so that more teachers can use it. This also creates valuable pedagogical exchange between teachers.

The problem

Teachers in Togo often have difficulties in obtaining textbooks or pedagogical literature of sufficient quality. It is not uncommon for them to use outdated teaching manuals from France that have been imported to Togo after being removed from use in France. The use of these books is a problematic stopgap solution because, for one thing, the knowledge is outdated and reproduces the colonial legacy of the French educational system.

Participants at a conference organized by Mieux Enseigner

The approach

We promote the digitalization of professional literature and textbooks. The school authorities publish lists of current textbooks adapted to the Togolese context. Unfortunately, these books are quite expensive and often only published in small numbers. Our partners from the teacher initiative “Mieux-Enseigner” (“Teach Better”) contact school inspectorates and the regional school authorities to borrow and scan individual copies of Togolese textbooks. The digitized manuals are then shared in a Whatsapp group with currently close to 100 teachers, who can download and print the manuals at low cost. A similar initiative in 2018 was very well received.

Our contribution

We are supporting the dedicated members of the Mieux Enseigner initiative in their efforts to digitize textbooks by paying travel grants and internet credits to ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible and that as many teachers as possible have manuals that meet the latest, Togolese standards.

Partner organisation: Mieux Enseigner


Location: Lomé

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