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Your donation is effective and 100% of it goes to the projects! You will be directly helping disadvantaged people in the Global South and build sustainable prospects for the future – ecologically, economically and socially. Together we can stand up for a just world and show solidarity.

Question about donations?

Yes. We ensure that 100% of the donations reach the projects and can be used effectively. This is possible because we cover all running costs (including fees for transfers abroad, costs for the website or the accounting software) through membership fees. In addition, all members of the association and the board work on a voluntary basis.

Online donations are the faster and more convenient alternative to the classic donation by remittance slip. Your advantages when donating online at a glance:

  • Through the confirmation email, you will know immediately whether we have registered your donation. You can also check directly whether the amount and all details are correct and have reached us as intended.
  • You will automatically receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year, which you can use for the tax office. To send you the receipt, we need your address. (Upon request, we will gladly issue a donation receipt at an earlier date). Unlike the remittance slip which relies on the bank transmitting your address information correctly (which does not happen all the time, unfortunately), you can enter your address yourself in the online donation form, check your details directly and thus be sure that everything is correct.

  • With one click you confirm your wish to receive our newsletter: You will stay in touch with us and learn, for example, how your donation was able to help in a concrete way.

Use the opportunity to support us quickly and securely by making an online donation.

To help effectively, we work together with local initiatives that our board member Aimo Hindriks knows personally. Before a project begins, we work closely with local partners to assess the sense and benefits of the planned measures in terms of need and the goals set.

We implement the projects in stages. Only when we have received the proof of use for the planned expenditures, we make further funds available.

The administration of the donations of the association takes place by means of accounting software and is based on the financial regulations of the association. The proper and statutory use of the funds is reviewed by an independent auditor.

When using your data, we comply with the relevant legal provisions. Your data will not be passed on to third parties. You can find more information about the security of your data in our privacy policy.

Your personal data in the donation form is transmitted securely using a globally recognized SSL key (128Bit) – so that unauthorized third parties are prevented from reading the transmitted data. Encryption using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is usually indicated in the address line of your browser as “https://” and is also recognizable by a displayed lock or key symbol.

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Please also include your name and address so we can stay in touch and send you the donation receipt.

So that you can save taxes with your donation, you will automatically receive a donation receipt from us at the beginning of the following year for donations of 15 euros or more. For this we need your address, which you can easily and conveniently enter in the online form or on the remittance slip.

But be careful: not all banks transmit the data on the transfer form completely. Therefore, you are welcome to use the advantages of an online donation: donate securely, conveniently and easily online now.

You can cancel your sustaining membership or permanent donation at any time by mail, email or phone. Please always include your address so that we can safely identify you and block the collection. We also welcome feedback, for example why you no longer wish to support our work.