Expansion of school libraries

Together with our partner initiatives, we are building school libraries. To this end, we regularly buy novels in Togo, primarily by African authors, which the children can borrow for reading in the school library. Many children’s thirst for reading has grown over time, and all newly purchased novels are quickly lent out as soon as they arrive in the library.
In order to give more children access to literature, we strive to further expand the existing libraries and establish new school libraries.

The problem

Novels cost money. For families who already have difficulty paying for notebooks, pens or books, they are prohibitively expensive.

The school curriculum in Togo requires the reading of at least two novels per school year, but in many schools, only excerpts can be read in class because the books are not available.

The result is often poor reading skills among the students.


The approach

Together with our partner initiatives, we assess the need for books at a school. Then the first batch of books is bought and the students are familiarized with the lending system. Then we expand the school library piece by piece, build shelves and buy more novels.

Our contribution

As Solidarität konkret e.V. we collect money to finance the purchase of the books and the expansion of the libraries. The cost of a novel varies between the equivalent of 1.5€ and 3€. The costs are so low because the books are reprints. We make a point of buying works by African authors so that the children can make connections to their own world of experience while reading.


Partner organisation: Afrotopia

Location: Tsévié in the south of Togo

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