Facilitate the start of the school year

The problem

The new school year in Togo begins in mid-October. This year, many children and their families are facing a special challenge: Due to the economic losses as a result of the Corona crisis, it is even more difficult for families than usual to raise the money for school books and materials in addition to school fees. Without books, notebooks or pens, the children quickly lose touch with the extensive subject matter.

The solutions

Two of our partner initiatives have asked us for support for projects to mitigate this problem.

1. the organization GAVISA, which runs the ecological farm near Kpalimé, has been cooperating with the local secondary school for a long time. It is already clear that most of the students will lack money for school fees as well as for the purchase of textbooks, exercise books, etc.
At the same time, there is a growing concern that even more young people than usual will drop out of school, as they will not even start the school year without school materials. This year, the GAVISA association, in close consultation with the teachers and the student body, has submitted an application for support in the procurement of school materials, including pens, exercise books and textbooks. At the same time, the project “Preventing school dropouts by growing vegetables” continues, with the student body financing part of their school fees by growing vegetables.

2. with the people of the recently founded initiative Afrotopia Togo, we have carried out small projects in the last three years, which have made the start of school easier for many children at the primary and secondary school in Tsévié. Once again, there was a desire for more novels to be purchased for the school library. The first novels were already purchased during the vacations so that the students would have enough time to read the books and then pass them on to their classmates.

In addition, as in previous years, there is a desire to finance school books through microcredits.

Our contribution

We support the proposed projects of our partner initiatives and seek donations to help as many children and young people as possible to get a good start to the school year and their right to education.

Partner organisations: Afrotopia Togo & GAVISA Togo

Location: southern Togo

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