Promoting girls’ sports

Soccer inspires all over the world! The girls in Tsévié, in the south of Togo, also wanted to found a team, but girls’ soccer is not welcomed by conservative parents there. With a little support a team could be founded and Solidarität konkret e.V. helps to keep the ball rolling.

The problem

Soccer is an extremely popular sport in Tsévié. But it is a “boys’ domain” and girls who want to play soccer don’t always have it easy. This is also the case at the Collège in Tsévié. At the beginning, there was resistance from conservative parents who didn’t want their daughters to play soccer. Some even threatened to withdraw their daughters from school if they participated in soccer training. However, the girls’ desire to do sports was greater.

The approach

At the Collège in Tsévié, a girls’ soccer team was set up by dedicated teachers. After initial skepticism among the parents, the team is now firmly established and has even participated in the first school tournaments. Now, more teams for different age groups are to be added. In addition to the soccer team, there will also be a volleyball team, as the number of girls who are interested in team sports continues to grow.

Our contribution

Already in the past, people from the environment of Solidarität konkret e.V. donated for soccer balls and soccer jerseys. With this first equipment the first team could start. Further donations are desired so that more jerseys and balls can be bought for the teams. It would be especially nice if we manage to fulfill the biggest wish of the team – for all of them to have their own soccer shoes.

Partner organisation: Afrotopia


Location: Tsévie in the south of Togo

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