Repairing the school water well

The water well at the elementary school in Adetikopé, a small village near the capital Lomé, was broken. We collected donations to repair the well. Since then, there is again drinkable water for the students and the families living nearby.

The problem

The hand pump of the school well at the IPP Ayayi elementary school in Adetikopé was defective – it was not possible to pump water and it was wobbling because two bolts holding the pump were torn out. The school community had already tried in vain to get the well repaired free of charge.

The approach

The parents’ committee and the school management obtained an estimate for the repair and maintenance of the fountain. For only 90 € it was possible to maintain the well, clean the 30 m of pipes, renew the backstop, recut the defective bolts, and paint the pump with anti-rust paint.

Since then, the children and the families living nearby can use the well again.

Partner organisation:

Initiative IPP AYAYI 


Location: Adetikopé, near Lomé, southern Togo

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